There is no other recent malayalam cinema which has captured the spirit or mood of our age as well as  Rahul Sadasivan’s Bramayugam. The movie portrays the endless rain of despair in a world spiritually enslaved to power. Echoing Neitzche Sadavisav claims it was the exodus of God which marked the beginning of the age. The absent God of Bramayugam is echoed in the ugliness of the mansion’s kitchen, the black and white color palette of the frames, the lyrics of the song ‘Aadityan illathae’. It’s almost as if the canvas of the world has been sucked out of its color since its Painter was murdered. Though politically we have moved away from relics of feudalism and colonialism to democratic freedoms, the goblins of power still masquerade amongst and within ourselves. When Caesar, having exacted what is Caesar’s, demands still more insistently that we render him what is God’s — that’s a sacrifice we dare not make!

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